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Topspin's USTA Teams

2024 USTA Teams
This page is specifically set up for players who are registered to play on Topspin's USTA Teams to share availability for upcoming matches. If you are interested in learning more about joining a USTA team contact David Sheaffer, 215-906-0407.

1. All Matches are Saturday Mornings and Afternoons, Mid April - End of June with Playoffs in July if applicable.
2. Teams will play between 8 - 10 matches.
3. Participants must be USTA Members ($44) and register for USTA league ($27)
4. Topspin's fees via Venmo. $55 for 4 matches, $11 Singles and $6 Doubles for subsequent matches
5. Priority Placement - USTA Players have priority placement in Spring Clinics / Clinic players have priority placement in USTA matches.

Sharing Match Availability Coming Soon.
Women's 3.0 - Slice Girls

Men's 3.5 - Cobra Kai

Men's 4.0 - Average Joes

Women's 4.0 - Baby Got Backhand

Men's 4.5 - Team

Match Details
Below is information for timed matches which some teams will be dealing with this year indoors (and perhaps outdoors)

Two-Hour Matches Format is the best 2 out of 3 sets with a match tiebreak, first to 10 by 2, in lieu of a third set. However, once there is only 15 minutes remaining on the clock, the match tiebreak is shortened to the first to 7 by 2(see below on procedure). If two hours have been reserved for team match play, the following rules will be in effect: Time will be determined by a clock that is agreed upon by all players prior to the start of the match. We recommend players use their cell phone to set the alarm and put the phone on mute.
TWO alarms times must be set: for 15 minutes before the end of the match AND THE END TIME OF MATCH. When first alarm goes off FINISH THE POINT IN PROGRESS: a. If the server is in the middle of a game, they must complete their service game with regular scoring b. If one team is ahead by two games or more, they win the set. c. If the teams are tied in a set, they play a Set Tiebreak (first to 7 win by 2). Players may switch every 6 points or use the Coman format. d. If one team is ahead by only one game, play one more game, and then either b or c will apply WINNER DETERMINATION If the winner of the first and second sets are the same, the match is over, regardless of any time remaining.
If sets are split, play a SEVEN POINT Tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) for the third set, because you are running out of time. Players may switch every 6 points or choose the Coman format. IF ONLY ONE SET IS COMPLETED WITH 15 MINUTES TO GO If only the first set is completed, play a 7-point tiebreaker to determine the second set. If sets are split play another 7- point tiebreaker to determine the third set. If time has run out and score is tied, play sudden death points until the winner is determined.
Example: if score is 3-3 in the second set tiebreaker and time is up – play one sudden death point to determine that set. If sets are split – play one sudden death point to determine the third set. SUDDEN DEATH: WHEN TIME EXPIRES AT THE 2 HOUR MARK: If you are in the middle of a Tiebreak, the TEAM AHEAD when time expires wins the tiebreak. When time is expired and there is a tie in a tiebreak, play ONE SUDDEN DEATH POINT to determine the winner of the tiebreak. All points played stand

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