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Varsity Bound

Varsity Bound Clinics & Camps - Match preparation, shot selection, tactics, & conditioning

Winter 21 - 22 Varsity Bound Clinics are very active this winter playing indoor at NE Racquet Club but clinics are not listed online for open registration to ensure we have good competition within each of our clinics. Clinics are currently invite only. If you would like to get involved in our Varsity Bound  programming this winter reach out to David Sheaffer, 215-906-0407. You may be able to get involved in a weekly clinic, sub into a clinic when we have absences, or join one of our pop up clinics when we have good weather this winter. 

Open Varsity Bound registration will begin again in the Spring 2022 when we have more court space to work with.

Goal is to prepare players who are getting ready for or playing in tournaments, or on school teams. 

Drills: Primarily player driven. We will work to group players with similar abilities.

Assessment: Is no longer required to for participation in Varsity Bound Camps and Clinics, though it may be helpful if the player is new to the Academy to place them in an appropriate group. Varsity Bound Camps and Clinics will now have levels to ensure that players of similar skill levels can be playing alongside one another, and instruction can be geared toward their ability.

Levels will be L1 = Beginner, L2 = Lower Intermediate, L3 = Intermediate, and L4 = Advanced.

Varsity Bound Levels 
L1 (Beginner / Novice) - 
Newer to tennis, no or limited formal instruction. Not coming in with much of a tennis background though perhaps they have played other sports which require eye hand coordination. Players may be able to get ball in play but likely lack basic form or confidence in proper technique to do so. They may or may not know basic rules of tennis. Players likely are not well versed in basic shots, or swing styles. These include, forehand, backhand, approach shots, volley, overhead, lob, and serve. They are just beginning to develop the ability to play competitive situations.

L2 (Lower Intermediate) - Has played previously and likely had formal instruction. Individuals are able to hit the ball on the court with proper form for most strokes. Strokes probably show weaknesses. Their shots regress under pressure. They understand different shots and can transition between them. Minimally they can get points started with the serve. They have the ability to hit the ball on the move. They are able to play competitive situations.

L3 (Intermediate) - Has played previously and had formal instruction. Individuals are able to hit the ball on the court with proper form for most strokes. Some strokes may still show weaknesses or regress under pressure, but also may look very good when not pressured. They are developing pace or spin with their serve but likely use the second serve just to get points started. They have the ability to begin developing points not just hitting it back. They are able to handle competitive situations.

L4 (Advanced) - Has had formal instruction is likely playing for their Varsity team or playing tournaments. Individuals hit the ball with proper form and use one or more shots as a weapon. Strokes may still show weaknesses and likely regress under pressure, but may also look very good at times. They understand different shots and can transition between them. They have pace or spin with their serve. They can develop points and play to opponents weaknesses. They are able to excel in competitive situations.

We can help you get to the next level no matter where you are starting from. Please contact David Sheaffer for guidance in what clinics would be best for your athlete.

Want to try a new sport you can play for a lifetime?
Looking to make your high school tennis team?
Want to be fresher and stronger in the third set?
Tired of just hitting and want to learn how to control your mind, points, or emotions?
Do you want to get an edge on your teammates before challenge matches?
Want help pulling together a video for college coaches?

Private lessons - allow us to go deeper to enhance your personal strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Let us help you develop your game.

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